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Primary Schooling: Turned Upside Down With Going Digital

India is a country with a great speed of development, the country have made remarkable success and progress in almost every field. India is a role model for all the developing countries, India is among world leaders in almost everything. Making and the thing that made it happen is solid school education system of the country amazingly complemented by the higher education system of the country.

Education has always been one of the key and well centred point of Indian policy, government had always supported the idea of empowering the education in country, making it a large industry. Education starts at the primary level and that is where the strength of school education really lies. Government has always supported primary education in India, form where teacher start to groom the nation’s future.

Today when education have become one of the fundamental rights, school education got some more powerful wings and starting to take Indian minds and talent to new heights from where they can run toe to toe with all the well developed nations.

One thing which is changing the primary and secondary education in the country is the introduction of online education in the system. Today Indian students are getting a tremendous support from such technological wonders, teachers are now able to teach poor students from remote areas where they cannot visit.

Now online lessons gets arranged and teachers who are actually teaching from a room in some metro city is communicating with student sitting in a hall or a room in some distant rural and remote area hundreds of miles away from him.

And it doesn’t ends here, the teachers are now also sending worksheets for those children on the server installed at that place and students work on those worksheets for children which makes them to practice and learn things better.

Things are not like India got when this large nation gained its freedom from mighty British Empire, India and Indian school education is preparing to take on the world with a storm and soon this entire chain of change will help this large third world country to lead the world.

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